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 for those in the united states

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for those in the united states Empty
PostSubject: for those in the united states   for those in the united states Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20 2007, 04:39

im feel strongly about some social issues and one that i'm trying to spread the word about is the wrong incarceration and upcoming execution of some guys who were falsely convincted called the west mephis three.

send this on to ur friends and spread the truth.

this past october dna evidence proved the west memphis guys were wrongly sentenced to death and life in prison for murder simply based upon the metallica t-shirts and black clothing they wore. dunno if u've read bout it but i try to spread the word bout social issues like this. never know wot could happen. u could be the next metallica fan sentenced to death if u step foot in arkansas.
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for those in the united states
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