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 Woot 2h Arms Inc after patch!

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Woot 2h Arms Inc after patch! Empty
PostSubject: Woot 2h Arms Inc after patch!   Woot 2h Arms Inc after patch! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06 2007, 09:06

I have tested GR on Pendragon for 2h and polearm.

Defender's Rage 1,03 Anytime~
Poleaxe 0,94 Side Snare 23 sec
Phalanx 0,74 Back Snare 15 sec

Two Handed
Obfuscate 1,01 Anytime~
Onslaught 0,93 Side Snare 14 sec
Doubler 0,85 Back Snare 23 sec

Obviously,2h should be used for peel now,23 sec back snare is a really good utility.Almost same dmg with anytime too,differene is tho in champion weapon speed,pole speed is 5.8 and 2h speed is 5.6,but it can be neglected by using 6.0 dragon speed weapons actually,actually idk if 6.0 speed is good for peeling,but kinda not a big difference between 5.6 and 6.0 in terms of swining speed.

I checked patch notes btw and there is nothing about increasing dmg on 2h anytime style obfuscate,and its gr is definately bigger then before.Mythic, I hate you!
P.S I rechecked again,seems to me they have ninja increased dmg on all this 6 styles,this is horrible mythic.
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Woot 2h Arms Inc after patch!
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