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PostSubject: lemon!   lemon! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 10 2007, 13:31

configure the board so we can embed videos heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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PostSubject: Re: lemon!   lemon! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 10 2007, 13:51

/word - I'll see what i can find, need a plugin module to set it up, dunno if they have those extra somewhere

how do you like the bord? oO anything i've missed? looks ok now i guess
this is what i found in the FAQ on the registration page:

Can I diffuse a music or a video on my forum?

Yes, if the author authorized you to do it. If not then No! Because to put on your forum a music or a video with copyrights and without authorization of the author exposes you to continuations and the possible removal of your forum in the event of complaint... This rule also applies to the extracts of emissions TV, concerts, etc...

Can I diffuse video clips or music coming from Youtube, dailymotion, or other?

No! You do not have the right to diffuse on your forum any videos coming from these sites. However, you can put a link so that your members can go to look at the vidéos on the sites in question as long as the downloading of these files under copyright is not possible while following your link directly. It is necessary that the site allows ONLY the visionnage.

And if I want nevertheless to diffuse this video on my forum?

You can pay a royalty with the SACEM to put it video on your portal. Do not forget to register the number of the invoice which will be communicated to you below the video or then, if you wish to keep this confidential number, to mention "Royalty SASEM discharged" in order not to risk procedure of removal of your forum of our share.
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