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 RvR Observations Thursday

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PostSubject: RvR Observations Thursday   RvR Observations Thursday Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03 2007, 07:18

What i wrote here is just my obervations from our run on thursday. Im not trying to teach anybody how to play the game. I played for 5 years, im playing a pac healer, i know the kite rules, i pan it makes anybody sick watching my screen.

Lets go:

I have seen scurvy running and kicking ass with untemplated rr2 casters who didnt even have the cl staff, what wins it for them is because they are a team, we have to grow together too.

First off the setup we ran on thursday is traditional and probably after the theurg and arms nerf our best bet.

Teamwork is exists, its just about how we do it.


Lets talk how we should run. Lets not stay all stuck to the leader, makes us lazy first of all and easier to roll. Me as a cabalist will bring up the rear on our moving formations from now on because im prekited, i can throw off an nearsight onto the other grps main cc and then kite and most vital is that i wont get killed. I dont have a survival RR5 but for good mid grps im the main target. Clerics should be prekited as well. Most of the others do it as well, lets just keep this up.

Oki, the fight. Ill take exhale as example because they are going to be our toughest enemies. CCCP will be up there too, but I just cant be afraid of hibs.

I think theres 3 Phases to a fight.

1. Incoming

2. Extending + spiking on overextenders

3. Ultimatly pushing along with the theurg pets when the deep toons got killed

The MOST vital phase is the first one. What we do then is crucial.

First is how we spread out.

Ever played on mid and hit scurvy? Their tanks stay while ALL their casters turn by 180 degree and prekite as soon as they see you. Thats what we have to do period. A good mezz on a grp which lets us skip phase 2 is rare at best because good grps spread out early. We wont catch the good grps like that, so lets not try all the time. Theres always the chance the sorc gets interrupted and nearsighted off the bat.

In my opinion having the sorc trying to mezz onto an incoming grp has more disadvantages than positive sides to it.

1. It exposes the sorc, the rest of the fight hes gonna kite for his life or hes just gonna drop. And his dps will be missing for phase

2. The sorc could be far back with the cabalist instead and ready to spike on the first target or getting mezzes on certain targets

3. Mezzes mid fight on the less extended support is much more devastating than getting 2-3 people mezzed on incoming which get roared or demezzed easily. And then carry imunity for a good while.

We cannot mezz enough really mess up their pushing strategy, so lets have the sorc in the back with the other casters in the beginning so roots and mezzes and dps are in place

Mezzes and roots

Lets use both (I will try to root more often, as Enide said, this wins us the fights too) on the extending phase. If either is purged, the next time they get it will cause alot of trouble, a red sorc mezz is more than a minute, a root as well, we kite and so they get overextended from their support or have not enough people in us to create more trouble. And if they abort their push we win.

The first target is the cabalist. Exhale will ALWAYS look for the cabalist and look to drop it. If you dont drop the cabalist you will get nearsights and debuffed damage which really kills your grp fast.

The heals in our group are very good period. Mids will use their realm abilities, charging berserkers, forms of cc to get to me fast, i will worry about it.

If we survive the incoming in a good shape we can spike on overextenders, while theurgs kite far away from each other and start dropping pets. Both theurgists we had yesterday are excellent players, I cant see anything what needs to be changed about the way you handle things.

Kainns and Ydaniel, what can you do not to get controlled by their warrior? Purge1? I have no idea.

Ydaniel, one thing. Roadri always complains about paladins, he says he does conquer on them and they switch chants and they are out of the melee root. He usually complains when we fight scurvy, is there anything paladins do to get out of the root?

Exhale (and usally any other mid grp) will just push like maniacs, if we survive the first 30 seconds we can win. On Thursday we already won a few times.
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RvR Observations Thursday
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